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Ad Photo: Apartment 2 bedrooms 6 baths 600 sqm extra super luxBarka Al Batinah
east flora break sunday to wednesday: accommodation: 80 without accommodation: 60 thursday: accommodation: 100 without accommodation: 80 friday : accommodation: 120 without accommodation: 100 saturday accommodation: 80 withou...
70 OMR

Barka - Al Batinah
600 Sqm 2 Room Extra Super Lux Furnished Negotiable

70 OMR


Ad Photo: Apartment 3 bedrooms 7 baths 1200 sqm extra super luxBarka Al Batinah
A break in the Wilayat of Barka Al Oqda South. equipped with a garden. outdoor seating. a swimming pool and a large majlis with an European kitchen and an external one. We target employees and investors working in the Wilayat...
2,000 OMR

Barka - Al Batinah
1200 Sqm 3 Room Extra Super Lux Furnished

2,000 OMR


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